Styling art in your home.

I love these photos featuring my mom's beautiful home, but first.....a little back story....

A few years ago My family sold our home and gift boutique.  In the 4 years running our brick and mortar my mom was the visionary and curated the most beautiful collection of products and my role was "shop manager" I did all the visual merchandising in the shop. This was when I found a love for all things home decor and is where I learned it's not about just having "things" in your home for the sake of having a perfect home.  My mom taught me that a beautiful home means a cozy home for your children and husband, a welcoming home for all who walk through your door, and a place of rest and retreat. 

In the years of having our shop on Main street my mom and I learned that we were a well oiled machine when we worked together (most of the time....lol)  Working creatively on a daily basis with my mom was one of the things I will miss most about our little shop. 

We dream about different projects we can work on together in the future, but for now I have little ones and my mom is homeschooling my younger sisters, and that is right where we are supposed to be in this season of life. 

This last weekend I took some of my finished paintings and took some photos in my mom's beautiful home. Just like old times, working together just felt seamless and it was just so fun! 

Ejoy! <3 


styling artwork in your kitchen and home

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