Painting florals with edible paint.

Floral cupcakes
The first time we made these cupcakes was when my husband was home on leave from deployment and we wanted to do something special to celebrate our daughters birthdays. (3 days apart....hello combined birthday parties!) So, floral cupcakes for our little princesses it was!
Here is a glimpse at our process. With some helpful tips and tricks and tricks at the end :)  Enjoy!
We used this recipe here for out marshmallow fondant. It was super easy with lots of helpful information! 
As as far as edible paints go, Wilton is the way to go. We used Wilton cake paints and brushes and they worked great for our purposes.  These can be purchased at any craft store. (there ya go.....I gave you an excuse for another trip to the craft store!)
Like any new medium in art, these paints definitely have a unique texture and flow.  I just broke off a small piece of fondant to play around and get used to the paint.  
hope this leaves you feeling feeling super inspired to paint your cupcakes pretty for your next occasion!  Nothing like a platter of floral cupcakes to make for a  great conversation piece!
Have a lovely day! 

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