Live painting at Atlanta’s home and gift show

Earlier in January my husband and I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta’s Home & Gift show. I was invited to do some live painting for a few days in Primitives by Kathy’s show room and it was such an honor.  My goodness…..It was a CRAZY week (in all of the best ways!)



My husband was along for the ride and while this totally was not his cup of tea, he was incredible and so supportive. He was my travel guide, my coffee guy....two very important things....lol! I think one of my favorite parts of the whole week was the look on his face when we walked into Kathy’s showroom and he saw my everyday line on display for the first time. He was so proud <3

^^^My view from the week!

For those that aren’t familiar with these shows, vendors set up here to sell their products to sell to shop owners across the country. To give perspective…..it consisted of 3 buildings, 20 floors each. It’s HUGE. Each floor was showroom after showroom. (I got lost a few times)

The whole week left me feeling so humbled as I painted at my table. I leaned over to my husband several times and whispered….I can’t believe I’m even here right now. I had a blast meeting so many people from all across the country and loved sharing my passion for art.  It was so special to share the inspiration behind my line with everyone.
I was super nervous about live painting because I am about as introverted as the come, but it was such a cool experience.

I’ll leave you with a little peak at the collections coming your way in 2018!

That was so fun to share with you all! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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  • It looks awesome! I’m so happy for you!


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