3 Game Changers in Growing a Business Alongside Motherhood

Raise your hand if you made a promise to yourself to FINALLY start that creative business this year. 

I started selling my artwork online four years ago. At the time I had a newborn and one year old and was growing a business right alongside motherhood.  My husband is incredibly supportive and so helpful in so many ways (shout-out to him!) But with his work, there were months and months where he was away and I was doin it all.  Here are the three things that have been game changers for me. 


This was the best piece of advice I received from my mom when my oldest was born. Routine is always the very first thing I tell mamas who are wanting to start their creative business while working from home.  

Children thrive off of routine.  With the routine I created for myself and my girls, my youngest was six months old by the time both girls were on the same nap schedule......3-4 hour naps every single day. These were the 3-4 hours that I knew I would have to myself to work.  In those early years I built my business during those nap time hours. 

I’m not an expert and I completely understand that every child is different, BUT one thing all children have in common is the need for routine. Routine gives children a sense of security which promotes better behavior, which makes for a happy mama. 

2.  Make lists and set goals 

Make lists....uummm obviously lol.  I’m so embarrassed to say this....I never wrote things down in the first year. Ok excuse me while I go hide under a rock. 

I write this for those mamas who are like me.  I know I can’t be the only one who has a habit of just trying to make lists in my brain. I have a secret for you....brain lists don’t work. Write them down. It’s a game changer. Here are my fave to-do list notepads from my shop. Check em out! 

Set goals. I have learned that monthly goals and yearly goals (as opposed to daily and weekly) have worked the best for me in terms of growing a business alongside motherhood. Here’s what I mean.....

When you are a mama and working from home you don’t have a normal work day in terms of having set hours. You have an hour here, a couple of hours there, maybe thirty minutes there. Unexpected things pop-up all the time. Sticking to a schedule is HARD, if not impossible and as a result it will often feel like you are getting nowhere and accomplishing very little. 

I used to work off of a daily and weekly to-do list and was getting so discouraged because I would never complete all the tasks or reach those goals. The truth is that growing a business alongside motherhood, you gotta give yourself grace and a lot of it.  I found that working from more of a big picture monthly goal and task list has eased so much stress and has allowed for so much flexibility.  You can absolutely  grow a business alongside motherhood and I’m rooting for you, but in this season of life the progress will be slower and I’m here to tell you that slow progress is ok. 

3. Be practical 

Something that is so important in creating your weekly, monthly or daily goals is practicality. I used to sit down and write down my goals for the month and the things on this list would be things that would take an ENTIRE year to accomplish (enneagram 3 over here!) There is nothing more discouraging then falling way short of goals on a consistent basis.  

Be practical in your goals and to-do lists and then strive for a little more that will be just enough to push yourself. As you start accomplishing these attainable goals you set for yourself, naturally you will feel excited and motivated to keep going further and further. 

There ya go! If you are a mama wanting to start your creative business, these are the three things I would tell you if we were getting together for coffee. This is your year! 

xo, Annie